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July 8 2015
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March 20 2016

Winstrol in injection

Bodybuilders amateurs or experienced, top athletes and novices or whatever your discipline, dare a cure Winstrol Injection ! Sculpt your body with this steroid that is one of the references on the world bodybuilding.


The specificities of Injectable Winstrol

Winstrol, also known as stanozolol is a synthetic anabolic steroid derived from testosterone. You can take it by oral or by injection intramuscular.


The subcutaneous injections are strongly discouraged because of the pain caused and the risk of possible infection in the area of ​​injection.

Taking injectionintramuscular is often recommended for its effects that last over time. Of course, to follow a course of Winstrol injectable you must support small pain and not have needle phobia. However, it is really famous, as this method helps prevent potential negative impacts on the liver. Its toxicity is actually reduced since it does not pass into your bloodstream. Winstrol en injection is among the least harmful in the steroid class.

Like any anabolic Winstrol will boost all your physical resources and help your body to grow in record time. The stanozolol is a product ergogenicIt significantly increases your performance. The Winstrol injection is your ideal partner to prepare for competitions.

winstrol cycle

Maximize your gains, Boost your energy during intense workouts. Your desire to have a muscular body and faultless will soon be fulfilled.

If your goal is to shape your body the way a Hercules or your favorite athlete, the Winstrol greatly serves accelerator. This Anabolic Steroids will help in some way if you aim dry or weight loss. Taking method injection ensures continuous effect since its main components are slowly eroding.


Cure injection stanozolol for cutting

As the stanozolol composing the Winstrol does not convert to estrogen, there is no water retention. It is therefore ideal in dry cure. This feature is another significant advantage, you do not need to take an anti-estrogen in parallel. Take Winstrol by injection, that is to burn fat effectively. The muscles you have earned in a previous mass gain will now be firm and well shaped.


Aim for weight loss with an injectable Winstrol cure

Advantages-of-use-WinstrolWinstrol speaks to men but also to women seeking weight loss or who simply want to eliminate excess fat. Bodybuilders use it to burn fat and keep only the muscles. You also accompany your protein rich diet, but low in calorie a cure Winstrol injection.

The quick results due to the effectiveness of injections of Winstrol encourage you and bring you closer to your future more Figure: flat stomach, nice abs, etc. This summer, get your bikinis and your surf board and show off your athletic body.


The right dosage injectable stanozolol

Le average dosage of stanozolol injectionentered 100 300 mg and mg per week.
Spread it on 2 or 3 4 see injections per week minimum. Like any product, the dose of Winstrol unquestionably depends on your weight. During normal use, count between 2 and 3 mg per kilo.

Remember that this is a medical device, it is very important for your health to strictly follow the prescribed dosage for your Winstrol cure subcutaneous injection.


injections cycle of Winstrol

winstrol depotYour expectations and your personal goals used to determine the cycle that must be in place. Usually a Winstrol cure cycle lasts injection 8 12 weeks minimum and maximum. If necessary or possible side effects, however, you can interrupt the cycle without having an impact on your health. The first results will be visible even if steroids like Winstrol not fully spread their anabolic effects that after 8 weeks.

If instead you wish to extend your treatment by the succeeding weeks, be careful, because you expose yourself to risks that may be harmful to your health. Your body needs a substantial amount of Testosterone to the effect of "mass uptake" and Winstrol is an effective product for this. However, too long cycle can disrupt your natural hormone production. Moreover, it may ultimately have no beneficial result on your muscles.

Winstrol injection, the side effects

Le Winstrol Injection is renowned for its "non-harmful". It is for this very valuable asset that it is successful. But fans will have to suffer some pain during injection taken. Some people may be hampered by the simple image of theinjection. For starters, it will therefore disregard the slight pain. More information about the effects of Winstrol here.


Winstrol side effects in humans

Rest assured, gentlemen! The observation of serious and irreversible diseases, including those of the liver, is very rare among those who use Winstrol by injection. This is the first advantage it has in contrast to oral administration. It's all about proper dosage and compliance with the prescribed cycle. It should however be noted that the injectable Winstrol remains hepatotoxic because it is Alpha-alkyl-17 (The only injectable that way). so it must still protect his liver with Samarin 140 or Legalon. Furthermore, as all Anabolic SteroidsIt may nevertheless cause side effects on your hair, mainly in people who are predisposed to baldness.


Side Effects of Winstrol with women

For you, dear ladies, undesirable effects are slightly more awkward. In fact, taking steroids in general, is known to cause virilisation if one engages in a non-reflective treatment.

However, if you start an injection of Winstrol cure with a reasonable dosage and shorter durations, risks are lower.

Although the Winstrol taken by subcutaneous injection is stripped of dangerous side effects, always prefer security by carefully respecting the instructions and prescribed dosages. Also, follow a alimentair regimee adapted and low in fat to draw the muscular body you've always wanted without fear.

Do not be scared by small pain of injection of Winstrol. The results will match your efforts and your expectations.


  1. adi said:

    Hola quiero comprar wintrol y no encuentro ningun Citio

  2. Miguel said:

    Quiero hacer un Winstrol ciclonde, tengo 31 cual seria y peso.100kg la.dosis del ciclo protectors that there antiestrogenicos deberia tomar, como hacer el post ciclo

    Agradezco su ayuda

    Thank you.

  3. Andrieux said:

    Hello, I just made my first 1ml injection of Winstrol in the large and extensive muscle !! J have pain that prevents m walk from 2 days !! Could you tell me why! And where prick for not having this kind of problem. Thank you very much !!!

  4. alex said:


    At what point do we best inject Win? 2h before training? I train at the 7h matin..merci your answer

  5. Maria said:

    What is the dosage for a woman? and the duration of the cure?
    Thank you

  6. Francis said:

    I do a cycle injection and the day after my injections I have severe pain in my ... injection sites. I even had difficulty walking after taking the thigh

  7. Stephane said:

    I received Winstrol Depot Zambon and its expiry date is January 2016.Est can I take anyway after that date?

    Thank you


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