Keep gains after a winstrol cycle

Food and nutrition intake of dry mass cycle of Winstrol
December 24 2014
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February 5 2015
Conservation gains Winstrol

La Conservation gains after your Winstrol cycle


To preserve the gains of lean mass gain

During a bulkingThe bulk of the gains that you lose is actually the water retention that goes. This is not the case when taking over the dry mass Winstrol, it does not cause water retention and gives direct effect to this hard muscle. Gains are acquired and Conservation gains through Winstrol is with permanent good training et a good diet.

It is obvious that taken stack with a product like Dianabol resulting in a more or less water retention based assays, you may lose a game but it will have very little impact on the result obtained.

  • Taking your support drugs (Nolvadex, Clomid and Clomid) will counter this.

You should know, that usually with products such as Dianabol, plus earnings, the greater the loss of these post cycle gains will be important too. Take this into account when composing your stacks. However, it is clear that Winstrol, like any other product for that matter do not do the job for you.

THE'food, thetraining and taking your food supplements depends only on you and you alone so you will maintain the maximum the gains.

Conservation gains Winstrol

Rest also has an important role in this process. It is during this phase of rest that "grow" muscles. Moreover, the rest will avoid injuries. If any time you find yourself faced with a excessive loss, Please add calories to your diet.

To preserve the gains ofdried or during a weight loss

Conservation gains through Winstrol: Here the results only depend on you. Your seriousness, respect your diet and your training, ensure the acquisition and durability of your winnings. You have the right to give a little ground after these few difficult weeks.

"Losing weight or body fat is the easiest phase. The real challenge is post-cycle, avoid repeating what is lost. "



First, make a gradual return to a "normal" diet, make a plan to 5 6 weeks and return gradually to more significant amounts.

Do not lose the good habits acquired during your diet:

  • Favour carbohydrates
  • Avoid simple sugars
  • Decrease the fat
  • Limit snacking
  • Do occasionally a light meal
  • Drinking lots, 2 2,5 to liters of water every day
  • Comply with the quantities of food

The end of a cycle Anabolic Steroids resulting in muscle wasting because the muscles have less active androgen receptors and the body produces less anabolic compounds. Conservation gains through Winstrol (a muscle mass gain) Depend on you before depend on the product.This applies of course to the Dianabol But for any steroid.

  • Many users continue to take lower doses of steroids to prevent muscle wasting. It is a mistake and it is even dangerous!
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  1. Fabs said:

    By following these simple rules can keep for long gains. We are not obliged to return to the box steroid every six months.

  2. tought gong said:

    After the PCT (which is more than recommended after a course of Winstrol) you always lose a little weight. The vast majority of this loss will be made up of water and perhaps a small amount of muscle. But with a clean PCT can hope to keep almost all that we won as long as you eat enough to keep your muscle mass and weight.

  3. Bandem said:

    My question is the following ; I will keep for how long the hardness and appearance that I got with Winstrol. I'm not a competitor, so I want to keep them as long as possible and not the time for a competition. If it's one or two weeks, it is not worth the trouble.

  4. Benoit-Liège said:

    I'm supposed to gain muscle with Winstrol. I take winny for two weeks now to 40mg / day. I do cardio at least 30 minutes a day, and I eat healthy and balanced, but on balance I was losing weight. But since I am taking Winstrol, I do not lose a gram. My dilemma is that I want to take? do I increase the dosage to gain weight? If so, how much?

  5. Rida said:

    is what I can combine Winstrol + + primo clenbeturol in dry cycle

  6. booba said:

    Can take your win tts the year
    or it is limited to a cure of 8 weeks max and then rest ...


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