side effects of Winstrol, how to adopt the right protection

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March 7 2015
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March 8 2015

Side Effects of Winstrol et Protections


Side effect of Winstrol stack with other steroids

Although the winstrol not present no flavoringYou can have side effects when used in the Win stackwith other products. At this point, it is necessary in most cycles to bring all the protections following:


  • Gynecomastia
  • testicular atrophy
  • Sterility
  • Production testostrène
  • liver damage
  • Triceps / pecs

  • Novaldex
  • HCG Vitagon
  • Proviron
  • Clomid, HCG Vitagon
  • Legalon 70, 140 Samarin
  • Dips


side effect of Winstrol for men

Winstrol is known to cause no side effects on male users. This is because it has low androgenic effects and does not aromatize.

Some even argue that it would block the formation of estrogen caused by other steroids which it is combined. This still has to prove, do not neglect your protection when your stack cycle.


Whatprotection to use?

  • Anti-aromatic are that the Proviron and Nolvadex remain paramount in my direction at a cure with other steroids. They warn you of la gynecomastia,ofthe infertility et la Water retention likely caused by other steroids.
  • Your raise the clomid and / or HCG (HCG you can use during your treatment if testicular atrophy).

Returning to Winstrol, it has anti-progestagenic effects. Which means that it blocks progesterone training, which is good when combined with Nandrolone example.


side effect of Winstrol for women

Concerning the use of Win in women, it has been found that even at very low dose Winstrol has virilizing effects. Virilization is the change in women's secondary sexual characteristics that tend toward the masculinization (hirsutism, android distribution of fat, lack of rules, changing the voice ...).

It is therefore advisable in strong virilization symptoms in women to stop treatment.



The fact that either the Winstrol without side effects evidence makes it ideal for Steroid first approach or for users predisposed to hormonal disorders and therefore more easily subject to gynecomastia for example.

The above instructions are valid only in case of respects assays. Whatever the product, overdose will always be able to bring complications.

Be sure to protect your liver anytime and even with the injectable version of Winstrol.

It is taken into injection or orally, Winstrol is AA17 and thus hepatotoxic.

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