Difference between cutting and weight loss?

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17 August 2016
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10 July 2017

When we talk about losing weight, the word “cutting” appears more and more frequently. A little research on Internet is enough to see that a cutting helps eliminate fats. Then, at this precis#bookmark=id.30j0zlle moment, our brains get confused and cannot understand if they have to do what is known as a cutting or to go with traditional diets to lose weight.

However, there is a difference, even if it is a subtle one, between weight loss and cutting. So, how can you tell what is best one for you? We will see what a weight loss is exactly and what is a cutting. What are their respective objectives, processes and results?

From there, you will have further information about the method to follow to meet your expectations on the road to wellness.

Should I lose weight or start a cutting?

To begin, the right questions to ask

Before we know if we should prefer a weight loss or a dry one, let’s ask ourselves the questions we should ask ourselves. What do we really want?

  • Do I have the weight to lose?
  • Can I consider myself a regular athlete?
  • Is it a slimmer silhouette or a more shaped body what I want to achieve?

These three fairly simple questions are important to be clear about our goals and to understand the difference between losing weight and a cutting.

If we have gained weight, it means that we are not performing regularly any sports activity and we want, first of all, to refine our figure, our arms, our legs and our waist. Therefore, we must begin to lose weight.

On the other hand, if we practice a sport activity regularly – that is, several sessions a week- and we want our muscles to be more noticeable, then the cutting seems to be more appropriate than losing weight.

Weight loss

The loss of weight, as you must have already understood, consists simply in dropping up pounds over our normal weight. We want to lose weight to fine tune our physique. In this weight loss, it does not matter what we lose (muscle and fat), since the important thing will be to obtain a thin figure.

To undertake a weight loss, we will need to rebalance our diet. In fact, the gain of excessive pounds is often a sign our diet is too rich in sugar, fat and our dishes are too abundant.. Therefore, it will be important to identify the foods that make us fat to reduce them and replace them with less caloric foods, such as fruits and vegetables.

The peculiarity of the cutting

Before becoming so popular and causing confusion, the cutting was reserved for bodybuilders who were preparing a competition. This phase came after an important mass gain.

In fact, when a professional athlete seeks to develop his muscle mass beyond its limits, he goes through a period of mass gain in which he eats a lot and trains intensively. During this period of mass gain, the athlete will gain muscles, but also a lot of fat. Fat is not a good thing, not for health nor for aesthetic. Then the athlete goes through a cutting period, which consists of losing the accumulated fat around the muscles, without the acquired muscle mass being affected.

You will understand that, in this way, a cutting is something more complex than a simple loss of weight since it is about losing only body’s fat.

If the weight loss is basically to rebalance your diet, meanwhile, the cutting assumes that we already have a balanced diet that only adjusts the intake of calories to achieve fat loss while maintaining muscle mass.   

The cutting is for athletes who want to develop their muscles and for this they shape their silhouette. After a cutting, the body will look shaped and firm.

Sports supplements to accompany you

If you want to reach your goals more easily, resorting to sports supplements, you have to know that:

  • For a cutting, you will be offered supplements such as Winstrol or Primobolan, which will help you gain or at least maintain your muscle mass
  • To lose weight, T-3 and Clenbuterol, combined with Winstrol , will be better for a quick fat burning

It’s on your own to know what you want: a thin body by losing your extra pounds or developing your muscles perfectly shaped with a cutting?

Anyway, so as not to block yourself in the dilemma between cutting and weight loss, remember that:

A weight loss is for refining your body and a cutting is for shaping your body. Of course, we recommend that, whatever your choice is, do not omit the regular physical exercise.

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