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5 February 2015
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14 February 2015

Brands of Stanozolol Winstrol: Which one is the best?

Whether your goal is to build lean muscle, or to lose weight, Winstrol comes the best option. There are many different brands of Winstrol so it can be hard to know which one is the best one and in what form injectable or oral is more suitable for us.

If you choose to take Winstrol orally you must take liver protection because it is toxic for the liver. If you respect the dosages, cycle times and you take liv52 or Samarin 140 to protect your liver then you are 100% safe.

This is one of the main reasons that injectable Winstrol is more popular. Don’t get me wrong, even though injectable winstrol is less convenient to administer and it is far less toxic you will still need to use liver protection, but the results will be greater.

Over many years on the anabolic industry I had the opportunity to consulted and discuss with renowned fitness and health experts and tried more than 20 different brands to find my top picks. What do I consider it is important when choosing a brand?

  • Quality control (Laboratory test, customer blood test, my user’s feedback and user feedback from an independent forum)
  • The laboratory facilities (hygiene, equipment, personnel skills, official certification or not? …
  • Product result on the user, short term, medium term and long term.

Consider that no I am not sponsored by any brand, all this table comparison has been done according to my and user experience. I would never recommend any brand that may harm users. I will be very happy if you leave a comment! 😊

  • Laboratory

  • Logo
  • Product
  • Photo
  • Site
  • Pros
  • Cons
  • Conclusion

  • Oral: StanoGen 10mg 50 tabs
    Inj.: Stanogen 50mg/ml 5 amps 1ml
  • myogenlabs.com
  • goodThe only Pharmacy Grade brand with competitive price
    goodIndependant laboratory test everywhere on the internet
    goodTransparency on production methods
    goodSolid Anti-Fake
  • noExcessive marketing
    noLimited range at the time I write this
  • The brand that I recommend to all my students, beginners and competitors. This brand has made itself a place of choice in the fitness industry by its quality and promises kept. It is near the 20/20, but the reduced range prevents it for now.

  • Oral: Stanoprime 10mg 50 tabs
    Inj.: Stanoprime 50mg/ml 10 amps 1ml
  • eminencelabs.com
  • goodBrand recognized by US users
    goodPharmacie Grade
  • noPrice sometimes abusive, one of my students bought fake products on a Mexican site, suddenly big doubt about finding fake medium term on E-commerce
  • Very popular brand in the United States, Eminence is a consistent choice for a quality cycle, but this laboratory is slow to find a place in the European market. In view of what the competition propose, will they succed?

  • Oral: Stanos 10mg 100 tabs
    Inj.: Pharma Stan 50mg/ml 10ml vial
  • pharmacomlabs.com
  • goodPresent since 2006
    goodMore than 150 products easily accessible
    goodThe representatives of the laboratory are very active online
  • noMany fake products in the market
    noQuality down (last test was bad on anaboliclabs.com))
  • Everything is going very fast in the world of laboratories. Winner of my 2017 ranking, Pharmacomlabs is now in the average and no longer offers products that stand out as at a certain time. Pity

  • Oral: Stanazolol 10mg 100 tabs
    Inj.: Stanazolol 50mg/ml 10ml vial
  • www.magnuspharmaceuticals.net
  • goodMore than 100 products
    goodAvailable on the majority of online sources
    goodLow price
  • noThe effects are random according to users: sometimes very good and sometimes average
  • Brand without a strong point, nor a real weak point, it is placed in the middle of this classification.

  • Oral: Stanazolol 10mg 100 tabs
    Inj.: Stanozolol 50mg/ml 10 amps 1ml
  • swiss-remedies.com
  • goodProducts available in a 1ml ampoules
    goodPerfect packaging
    goodBrand that produces in Europe...
  • ...But in Eastern Europe
    noQuality of products is random
  • Enjoying attractive prices, this brand is (too) often out of stock on e-commerce. In terms of products, nothing stands out.

  • Oral: Stanozolol Hilma 10mg 100 tabs
  • www.hilmabiocare.com
  • goodBig presence on the Internet
    goodNice range (liquid hgh for example)
  • noNo authentication code, in these conditions difficult to know if we have an original product in the hands
  • Hilma is a good quality laboratory, its official presence on some forums and the feedback of users attests. However, the lack of authentication code prevents the traceability of products. Hard to put it in a better place in these conditions.

  • Oral: Stano 10mg 100 tabs
    Inj.: Winstrol 100mg/ml 10ml vial
  • a-techlabs.com
  • goodGood packaging
    goodWell supplied range
  • noLow online presence.
    noChinese brand difficult to track
  • A-techlabs is a laboratory located in Asia and aiming Asian customers. However, this laboratory is available on some e-shops and the products are of acceptable quality. The laboratory tests on the official website are missing, so that I class A-Techlabs at the bottom of the pack of this comparison.

Oral / Injectable Winstrol

Oral: StanoGen 10
Inj.: StanoGen 50
MyogenOral: 10mg x 50 tabs
Inj.: 50mg/ml x 5 amps 1ml
[chart percent="99" label="99%"]
Oral: Stanoprime 10
Inj.: Stanoprime 50
EminenceOral: 10mg x 50 tabs
Inj.: 50mg/ml x 10 amps 1ml
[chart percent="95" label="95%"]
Oral: Winobolic 10
Inj.: Winobolic 50
Inj.: Winobolic 100
Cooper PharmaOral: 10mg x 50 tabs
Inj.: 50mg/ml x 10 amps 1ml
Inj.: 100mg/ml x 10 amps 1ml
[chart percent="95" label="95%"]
Oral: Stanazolol 10
Inj.: Stanazolol 50
Magnus PharmaceuticalsOral: 10mg x 100 tabs
Inj.: 50mg/ml x 10ml vial
[chart percent="90" label="90%"]
Oral: Stano 10
Inj.: Winstrol 100
A-Tech LabsOral: 10mg x 100 tabs
Inj.: 100mg/ml x 10ml vial
[chart percent="90" label="90%"]
Oral: Stanos 10
Inj.: Pharma Stan 50
Pharmacom LabsOral: 10mg x 100 tabs
Inj.: 50mg/ml x 10ml vial
[chart percent="90" label="90%"]
Oral: Stanazolol 10
Inj.: Stanozolol 50
Swiss RemediesOral: 10mg x 100 tabs
Inj.: 50mg/ml x 10 amps 1ml
[chart percent="90" label="90%"]
Oral: Rexobol 10
Inj.: Rexogin 50
Alpha-PharmaOral: 10mg x 50tabs
Inj.: 50mg/ml x 10 amps 1ml
Inj.: 50mg/ml x 10ml vial
[chart percent="90" label="90%"]
Oral: Stanozolol 10Hilma BiocareOral: 10mg x 100tabs[chart percent="85" label="85%"]
Oral: Stanozoland 10
Inj.: Stanozoland Depot 50
LanderlanOral: 10mg x 100tabs
Inj.: 50mg/ml x 30ml
Inj.: 50mg/ml x 3 amps 1ml
[chart percent="80" label="80%"]
Oral: Winny 10
Inj.: Winny 50
ValkyrieOral: 10mg x 100tabs
Inj.: 50mg x 10ml vial
[chart percent="70" label="70%"]
Oral: Stano 10
Inj.: Winstrol 100
MeditechOral: 10mg x 100tabs
Inj.: 100mg x 10ml vial
Inj.: 100mg x 10 amps 1ml
[chart percent="60" label="60%"]
Oral: Stormbear 10
Inj.: Venaject 75
Inj.: Venaject 75
Inj.: Venaject 100
Thaiger-PharmaOral: 10mg x 100tabs
Inj.: 50mg x 10ml vial
Inj.: 75mg x 10ml vial
Inj.: 100mg x 10 amps 1ml
[chart percent="60" label="60%"]
Oral: Winstrol 10
Inj.: Winstrol 75
Atlas PharmaOral: 10mg x 100tabs
Inj.: 75mg x 10ml vial
[chart percent="50" label="50%"]
Oral: Stano BD 10
Oral: Stano BD MAX 50
Inj.: Winstrol BD 100
Black-DragonOral: 10mg x 100tabs
Oral: 50mg x 50tabs
Inj.: 100mg/ml x 10ml vial
[chart percent="50" label="50%"]
Oral: Azolol 5British DispensaryOral: 5mg x 400tabs[chart percent="50" label="50%"]
Oral: Stanozolol 5
Oral: Stanozolol 10
Inj.: Stanozolol 50
Inj.: Stanozolol 100
LA-PHARMAOral: 5mg x 200tabs
Oral: 10mg x 100tabs
Inj.: 50mg x 1ml amp
Inj.: 100mg x 10ml vial
[chart percent="50" label="50%"]
Oral: Winstrol 10
Inj.: Winstrol Depot 50
DesmaOral: 10mg x 40tabs
Inj.: 50mg x 3amps 1ml
[chart percent="20" label="20%"]


Anti-counterfeit tips

Winstrol is an expensive substance; there are tested and verified laboratories that will provide you with quality products and there are other more questionable sources.  It is easy to check if you have a fake product or not. Dilute the substance in water, and if you let your vial sit a whitish deposit should form at the bottom. If this does not happen then you have a fake, so don’t inject it. To avoid this type of mishap, refer to the table above, which lists tested and approved labs.  

To purchase authentic Winstrol at a good price, I recommend my review page of the best Internet vendors.

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