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28 February 2015
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Winstrol Stanozolol: Results and Side Effects

Winstrol has 3 main uses and effects: dry mass gains, cutting and weight loss.

Used alone, Win is not really suited for building muscle mass. However it favors strength and the production of red blood cells, which make it useful for “aerobic” sports.

In bodybuilding, Winstrol gives good results and is generally used for maintaining mass, even if gains are not exceptional compared to other products. Winstrol is particularly appreciated by bodybuilders during competition preparation, as well as during mass gaining phases, because it does not cause water retention and it helps you burn fat and gain muscle.

Attaining your goals, whether weight loss, cutting or quality mass gains, will depend on how you use Winstrol, what steroids you stack it with and what dietary supplements you use, not to mention how you train. Winstrol is a very effective steroid when used correctly.




During muscle mass gains, we make our bodies grow with the goal of gaining muscle and thus increasing muscle volume.

The body only rarely gains muscle, or it would be too beautiful and easy.

This mass gain is accompanied by some proportion of fat. The level of fat will depend on your training and the types of calories you consume. During a steroid treatment, part of this mass also depends on the water retention caused by some products.

Winstrol has the advantage of not causing water retention.

Mass gains with Winstrol alone will not be particularly large but will be of very high quality. By combining it with a product like Parabolan, which also has the benefit of not retaining water while guaranteeing incredible muscle growth, you can get hard, dense muscle very quickly.

Using Winstrol with Dianabol is also interesting. Although Dianabol causes water retention, you can limit it with Nolvadex and Proviron during your maintenance treatment.


Cutting is a diet that aims to lose as much fat as possible while preserving as much muscle mass as possible. It’s often a phase following large mass gains in order to define your body. The purpose of a cut is to attack the surplus fat and any retained water, giving your body a hardened effect.

Your goal is to lose fat without losing muscle. Your diet and training are crucial, and steroids and dietary complements, including “fat burners,” are your precious allies.

Winstrol happens to be an excellent fat burner, and stacked with products like PrimobolanClenbuterol or even T3 Cytomel it will give you excellent results.


To avoid losing too much muscle volume: combine Winstrol with Testosterone during your cycle (minimal dosage).


Winstrol can also be used as part of a weight loss diet. It follows the same principal as cutting. You’re still trying to burn fat and you use almost the same treatment as you would for a cut, with some dosage differences.

The difference will be in your workouts and diet. You need to limit consumption of fatty foods as much as possible and reduce carbohydrates.

Focus your workouts exclusively on cardio in order to burn maximum calories. You should also review your diet to ensure you have adequate dietary supplements.

Winstrol alone does not produce exceptional or rapid gains (although the gains are of high quality), but it has strong associative power. Alternatively, with this product you will obtain solid muscle and large strength gains, and the ultimate benefit is that you will keep the gains you acquired after the treatment ends.

Given its almost non-existent side effects, Winstrol a very good steroid to start with.

Whatever its downsides may be, Winstrol is a a moderate and largely non-androgenic anabolic steroid. This is why it is always used with other steroids.

Therefore the speed of its effects will depend on your stacks.

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