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4 April 2015
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22 April 2015

Special about Canada!

I receive many questions from our Canadian friends to find out where to buy their products.

You are more and more numerous on the other side of the Atlantic, so I decided to do my little research.

I clarify in advance that I have not placed a test order as I usually do, but among all Canadian national sites, there are only two to highlight.

Confirmation given by the reference of coaching in Canada of which we all like to watch his videos (his YouTube channel)

Marc-Antoine is one of the French-speaking references in the field. No wooden language! 

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By the way, if you have to train in Quebec, it’s in his place in the Hellbarbell club. The only semiprivate club in Quebec. The Hellbarbell Club gives you access to a 3,000 PC weight room.



Here are the 2 sites we recommend for our Canadian friends
(updated on June 2017):

MediStar Pharmaceutical Canada

A Canadian brand for Canadians. According to my sources, delivery is truly reliable, fast and with quality products.


If you know other reliable Canadian sites, do not hesitate to mention them in a comment.




  1. Lucas says:

    On point…only bought once and they were very warm in handling my order.

  2. mose says:

    A great source to order Win. Twice ordering there and I wasn’t disappointed at any point.

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