What is Winstrol V 50?

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17 August 2016
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30 May 2017

What is Winstrol V 50?

Winstrol v 50

Stanozolol is one of the most popular steroids of all time. Winstrol being the brand name of Stanozolol, and its pills are among the most sought after on the anabolic steroid market. Unfortunately, it is also one of the most counterfeited steroids. It often happens that someone buys Winstrol only to get a derivative of Dianabol instead.

This is why you must alway seek out the most reliable vendors for Winstrol, and use it to achieve appropriate goals in a program with an explicit purpose.

winstrol v

Winstrol v 50 pills

winstrol vWinstrol is an anabolic steroid available in oral and injectable forms. Winstrol Depot supplies the injectable form. In both cases, the same active hormone affects the body in the same way. You should know that for pills, the hormone stanozolol was modified at the position of carbon 17, which is in fact a C17-alph (C17-aa). This structural change in the molecule is necessary for it to survive long enough after ingestion. Otherwise, it would be destroyed before it flows into the bloodstream. The only negative side effect is that the steroid becomes more toxic to the liver
Winstrol v pills are usually 10 mg or 50 mg. In either case, the same stanozolol hormone is used, just at a different dosage.

It is possible to get the same results, but 50 mg pills are preferred for people who want to gain strength and endurance more quickly. 10 mg pills are preferred by women.

winstrol v

Uses of Winstrol v 50 pills

The stanozolol hormone provides two well-defined results. First it helps you achieve great athletic performance. Second, it is recommended for shredding a bodybuilder’s body during a cut. It is recognized for abundantly increasing strength, which translates into power and speed. It’s certainly the most widely used steroid in the sports for this trait. Another advantage is it doesn’t inflate the muscles to the point of spurring doubt in an athlete.

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Most Winstrol pills are undetectable three weeks after stopping ingestion, while the injectable form is detectable for two months.

For bodybuilding, this hormone is appreciated for burning fat and building hard muscle, particularly for those who are already slim and want a total cut. It’s often used after a cycle, several days before a cut. It tends to give you a somewhat more attractive physique.

winstrol v


Winstrol v 50 is a steroid known for increasing strength first and speed second. It’s used in bodybuilding for fine-tuning your body. In sports, it’s particularly appreciated for prompting performance gains in athletes. It’s among the most-used steroids, given its results! If you’ve had the chance to try Winstrol V 50 pills, what advantages and benefits to your body have you noticed?

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